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Reusable crochet gifts

Handmade in New Hampshire


A collection of handmade, reusable crochet items for everyday use.



 "I absolutely love all the soaps I've received from Soap & Cotton. My favorite has been the lavender oatmeal. It has saved my skin! I've used other natural soaps but this formulation has been the best by far. I look forward to trying even more!" -L. Dawson, New Hampshire

"I could tell she puts heart into her creations. Everything was packaged beautifully, and shipped very fast!"  -Anginette, Price UT

"They are Wonderful! I placed an order - and I plan to order more - they are perfect for holding the soap for seniors. No more trying to soap up a wash cloth with a bar and juggle the soap back into the dish - it’s all in one! I, myself, have dropped the soap bar and struggled to find it; with shampoo in my eyes - those days are gone! Beautiful, simple, thoughtful, useful gift to give anyone at any age!" -A.S, Rye, NH

 "This product arrived in a timely fashion. The bars really look like quality and the scents are nice and clean. My favorite is the unscented which just smells like clean soap. Angela is a class act. Not only did she send a bar of soap in an indulgently soft soap saver, but she took the time to include a handwritten thank you note." -Diana, Verona, PA


working up a washcloth

soap saver pouch in action!

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