What are your zero-waste goals?

As a consumer, you have more power than you think and every decision you make is a vote for the future.


Rethink your shopping habits and ask yourself:

1. Will I still need it 30 days from now?

2. Does it have at least three uses?

3. Where does it go when I'm done with it?

Remember it's not about perfection;

it's about making better choices.


Shop our online store to find products that are meant to last so you don't have to replace often. Don't discard, choose to reuse.

Quality guarantee. Love them or your money back.

We have SOAP!


"They are Wonderful! I placed an order - and I plan to order more - they are perfect for holding the soap for seniors. No more trying to soap up a wash cloth with a bar and juggle the soap back into the dish - it’s all in one! I, myself, have dropped the soap bar and struggled to find it; with shampoo in my eyes - those days are gone! Beautiful, simple, thoughtful, useful gift to give anyone at any age!"

-A.S, Rye, NH



"This product arrived in a timely fashion. The bars really look like quality and the scents are nice and clean. My favorite is the unscented which just smells like clean soap. Angela is a class act. Not only did she send a bar of soap in an indulgently soft soap saver, but she took the time to include a handwritten thank you note." 

- Diana, Verona, PA

"I could tell she puts heart into her creations. Everything was packaged beautifully, and shipped very fast!" 

-Anginette, Price UT

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