• Angela Shonyo

2 Thoughtful Gifts for your Nature Friendly Wedding

When it comes to caring for the planet, everyone wants to do the right thing. Weddings and bridal parties are a nice opportunity to shower your guests with nature-friendly gifts.

You may wonder if wedding favors are even necessary because a lot of times they get thrown in guests' bags then into a junk drawer when they get home. Most wedding favors are a huge waste of money, but it doesn't have to be that way!

"Best wedding favors ever! My son and daughter in law had these made for their wedding and it was awesome. Thank you Soap and Cotton for helping make their day special"

-Debbie N., New Hampshire USA

While there are many eco-friendly options for your wedding favors, let me introduce you to my favorite - handmade heart and sunflower soap bars. A practical, no-waste gift that everyone on your list can appreciate.

Your guests are special and they've chosen to spend their day with you. Show them thanks with a gift they'll actually use!

"We had sunflower shaped soaps made - they came right on time and were both beautiful and smelled great!!! Owner was easy to work with and she was attentive to details." Sue I.

So now what? Click here to learn more about my soaps, read reviews and request a FREE sample. I would love the opportunity to help you with this small but important part of your wedding day!

With love,


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