Reusable Soap Saver Pouch


You'll never waste bar soap again!

Reusable Soap Saver Pouches are an excellent way to gently exfoliate your skin! By allowing you to use up every last bit of your soap, there's no waste. To use, simply insert your favorite bar into the pouch, wet to later, then wash your body. Hang somewhere that stays dry until next use. Each piece is handwoven with 100% cotton yarn. Soft on skin and exfoliating. These soap saver bags are, great for traveling~leave the messy liquid soap behind and toss this into your bag with your favorite smelling soap bar. Your clothes will smell lovely too!


  • Washable & dryable.
  • Fits up to 4" x 6" bar of soap.
  • 100% cotton yarn
  • Packaging: brown paper band


Customer review: ​"They are Wonderful! I placed an order - and I plan to order more - they are perfect for holding the soap for seniors. No more trying to soap up a wash cloth with a bar and juggle the soap back into the dish - it’s all in one! I, myself, have dropped the soap bar and struggled to find it; with shampoo in my eyes - those days are gone! Beautiful, simple, thoughtful, useful gift to give anyone at any age!" -A.S, Rye, NH


    To use the Soap Saver Pouch, place your bar of soap inside and pull the drawstring closed.  Wet the soap bag and lather up in the shower or bath.  When done hang up the pouch, soap and all, to allow the soap pouch and your soap to dry between uses.

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  • Customer Reviews

    "Love these products. I use the soaps and washcloths every day for soft, silky skin. They smell amazing and I have severe scent allergies and have no problem with these soaps!" Priscilla T.


    Use it up, wear it out, get a new one

    How it works:

    Email a picture of your worn out soap saver pouch and we'll send you a new one FREE!

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